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positive review Hassle free and excellent trip and services. Easy comms and above all very good amenities.
Ravindran Nagalingam Avatar
Ravindran Nagalingam
20 Mar 2023
positive review Hassle-free tour. Arrangement went nice as plan from pick up at batam ferry terminal, city tour and fetch from the hotel next day. Overall trip just fine considering breakfast and lunch is included on the package plus free breakfast at the hotel.
Aris Comia Avatar
Aris Comia
13 Mar 2023
Had a very good time with the 1 day tour, tour guide Rina/Nana was good, very cheerful and introduce Batam to us in a humourous way. Even though it was raining, we managed to visit most of the items in the itin. Both driver and tour guide was very attentive, driver even made an extra trip to send us to Ferry terminal as we need to leave 1 hour earlier than the rest of the tour.
Carrie Cheng Avatar
Carrie Cheng
29 Jan 2023
Very sastified ..for first time engaged BATAMGETAWAY I’m happy with the service .. very responsived.. love the majestic ferry looks clean n New..
Zzzainal1 Zack Avatar
Zzzainal1 Zack
24 Jan 2023
Melanie is amazing.
I am very very touched and happy with how she assist me.

I bought this tickets before Covid happened.
Then there’s circuit breaker.

End up decided not to go, I didn’t cancel since and just kept it

And some how (nearly) forgot about it.

Whenever I email her asking the price, travel dates, any location available… she replies me QUICK and she answer all my questions.

Thank you for helping me and I really appreciate it a lot!
12 Jan 2023
Our tour guide Sandra (my apologies if I spelt his name wrongly) is friendly, attentive and clear with his instructions. Everything is on time and smooth running.👍 However, the bus can be cleaner.🤭
Theresa Avatar
21 Nov 2022
All the staff were friendly and very helpful.
Everything went smoothly and we had a very enjoyable holiday!
Kevin Chan Avatar
Kevin Chan
07 Nov 2022
Very good customer service.
Kiong Joanne Avatar
Kiong Joanne
02 Nov 2022
positive review Saw good reviews of this co. , so just try booking with them & honestly everything was arranged with fast response from the operator. Majestic ferry was so big, very comfortable & clean. Aston Inn Gideon though (3⭐️ ) but the room are pretty big, bed was comfortable & clean. Hotel’s staff speaks English & all others was very friendly.

Will definitely book with Batam Getaway again & will recommend to others as well.

Many thanks to Ms Melanie Espiritu for her fast response 👍👍👍.
Karen Tan Avatar
Karen Tan
26 Oct 2022
A short & Great getaway to Batam by Majestic Ferry, very comfortable & clean. Stayed at Aston Inn Gideon, though it’s 3star but the room are pretty big, very comfortable & clean. Good location around city area. Getting around by foot. Many thanks to Ms Melanie Espiritu for her fast response & kindness. Thank you, will definitely look for her in future & will recommend to others as well 👍👍👍
Caren Tan Avatar
Caren Tan
26 Oct 2022
positive review Made a last minute booking with multiple changes, the administrator is very understanding and fast. Great services in Batam by the tour operator and tour guide Su Yang. Enjoyed our short holiday. Thank you
BC Hiflyer Avatar
BC Hiflyer
24 Oct 2022
positive review very smooth and fast transaction
Marc Soliven Avatar
Marc Soliven
06 Oct 2022

::Our Featured Corporate Clients::

Why Batam?

“I’ve been to Batam before, why should we go there again?”
“What’s there to do in Batam anyway?”
“Batam is for older people, why do we want to go there?”

These are the questions we occasionally get when we promote our Batam packages to our new customers. But nothing could be further from the truth!

Thousands of travellers from Singapore go for a short Batam getaway every week, especially during the weekends. Many are making multiple leisure trips in a year; a 3 days 2 nights, 2 days 1 night, and even 1-day Batam trips.

There must be things that draw thousands of people to Batam every week, don’t you think?

Where is Batam?

Besides Bintan, Batam is one of the closest overseas destinations from Singapore. Situated in the Riau Archipelago, it’s an Indonesian island located to the south-east of Singapore.

It’s only less than 1-hour ferry ride away from Singapore, how convenient!

What to Do in Batam?

There are tons of things to do in Batam. For first-timers or group travellers, you could consider a Batam tour package. A Batam Hotel + Ferry + Tour Package from Singapore includes accommodation, ferry tickets, and a complete 1-day Batam tour with shopping, activities (Go-kart, paintball, flying fox, etc.), body massage, and the famous seafood lunch. A 2D1N Batam Tour Package makes for a complete Batam experience as you have the evening on the 1st day and the 2nd day to do your own activities (read: more shopping and massage).

For those who are not keen on a guided Batam tour, you could just get a Batam Hotel + Ferry Package that includes accommodation, ferry tickets, and Batam land transfers (to & fro the ferry terminal). You could navigate the city on your own by renting a vehicle, taking a taxi, or simply by taking walks. You can could go for these suggested activities: body massages, food / café-hopping, water sports activities, jungle trekking, fashion shopping, local delights shopping (read: Batam Layer cake), groceries shopping, toiletries shopping, etc.

Where to stay in Batam?

Batam offers city hotels and beach resorts that are relatively close to the city centre; hence making it a unique destination. With its 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star city hotels and beach resorts, there is something for everyone.

Whether you’re planning to stay at a Batam city hotel or a batam resort, you can book from the hotel’s website directly or from an aggregator like Agoda and Expedia. For the most economical and efficient arrangement, you can book one of the batam packages (accommodation + ferry + optional city tour with lunch & massage) from BatamGetaway.com.

Most leisure travellers go for a 2D1N (2 Days 1 Night) Batam trip. During the long weekends and holidays, some would go for an extended 3D2N (3 Days 2 Nights) stay. There’s also a small number of travellers opting for just a Batam 1-Day Tour.

How to go to Batam?

From Singapore, Batam island can be reached by ferries. There are 4 major ferry operators that ply the Singapore-Batam route: Batam Fast, Sindo Ferry, Majestic Ferry, and Horizon Ferry. Each has a fixed daily schedule that offers multiple timings to the various ferry terminals in Batam.

Travellers can get Batam ferry promotions, or the standard ferry tickets, directly from any of the ferry operators’ websites. Otherwise, you could get them cheaper and conveniently by purchasing one of our Batam packages: a 2D1N Batam Hotel + Ferry Package or a 2D1N Batam Hotel + Ferry + Tour Package.

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