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Harris Resort Barelang Wedding Chapel Bay House

A Photo Blog of Harris Resort Barelang Bay House (Wedding Chapel)

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Bay House Perfect for Weddings and Special Events This photo blog features Harris Resort Barelang […]

batam harris resort barelang review blog Harris Barelang Resort Batam Main Building

Batam Harris Resort Barelang Review

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Barelang Bridge is one of the most under-rated attractions here in Batam. Many travellers are […]

Top 6 convenient Batam city centre hotels near shopping malls

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You are at a money changer in Singapore and you ask yourself “How much Indonesian […]

Batam Allium Hotel blog review samali suite

Batam Allium Hotel Blog Review

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  Allium is one of the most underrated 4-star city hotels on the island. Besides […]

Top 6 Convenient Batam City Centre Hotels near Shopping Malls Batam Nagoya Hill Hotel Review exterior

Batam Nagoya Hill Hotel Review

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You know you are in luck when the name of your hotel is the same […]

Batam BCC Hotel Entrance

Batam BCC Hotel Review

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Some of you might not know, but this property is actually both a hotel and […]

Montigo Resorts Batam outdoor pool

Montigo Resorts Batam Review

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Did you know that there are 2 Montigo Resorts in Indonesia, one in Bali and […]

I Hotel Baloi Batam - Blue Skies

I Hotel Baloi Batam Review

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Some of you might be here because you might have heard a thing or two […]

Batam Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall Batam Island Copyright @

Top 5 ‘Cheap & Good’ Batam Hotels in Nagoya

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There’s a well-known saying “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is”. I’m […]

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