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Batam Hotel Package

Currently we offer 2 types of Batam Hotel Package: The first is a standard Batam Hotel + Ferry Package that is usually referred to as Batam ‘Free-and-Easy’ Package.

It consists of a hotel stay with breakfast, 2-way ferry tickets (Singapore-Batam-Singapore), and 2-way Batam Land transfers (to & fro Batam ferry terminal). To book this standard package from, select ferry timing of 10:50am or later from Singapore.

The second package is very popular with first-time visitors. It’s a Batam Tour + Hotel + Ferry + Seafood Lunch Package that’s called simply 2D1N Batam Tour Package.

Just like the Free & Easy package, you will get a hotel stay with breakfast, 2-way ferry tickets, and 2-way Batam ferry terminal transfers. On top of this, you will get a full-day (0900hrs-1700hrs) Batam city tour with seafood lunch. You could choose to add a 60-min body massage on the tour. To book this tour package from our website, select ferry timing of 08:20am from Singapore.

Batam Hotel Deals

When it comes to choosing a Batam hotel, some travellers prefer a hotel based on their star rating (3 or 4 stars) while others focus on the district and proximity to certain attractions. Let’s cover some of the more popular Batam hotels based on their star-rating and locations.

Newest Batam hotels

Last Update: 28 Feb 2019

There is an increasing number of travellers who favour newer hotels as these are usually in better physical state. These are the latest ones in our Batam Hotel Deals section:

Nagoya Hill

This is the most popular district and the main shopping area in Batam. One of the main draw is the Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall. It has a cinema, hypermart, plenty of stores, and tons of restaurants. There are also many shop houses in the vicinity offering various services such as massages, hair, and nail treatments.

The closest 4-star hotels to Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall (in order of proximity) are: Nagoya Hill Hotel, Grands I, Harmoni Suites, Nagoya Mansion.

For 3-star hotels, the closest ones (in order of proximity) are: Amaris, The Hills, Ace, Triniti, Da Vienna Boutique.

Baloi / Penuin

This is the second most popular district in Batam. Similar to Nagoya Hill, the main draw here is a mall, Batam City Square (BCS). It has a cinema, hypermart, various kinds of stores, and F&B outlets. There are also many shop houses all around it and the unique Singapore-style A2 Food court that has booth indoor and outdoor eating areas.

Adjacent 4-star hotels to the BCS Mall are: BCC Hotel and I Hotel Baloi.

As for the nearest 3-star hotels, they are: Gideon, Batam City Hotel and Swiss-Inn.

Batam Center

Some travellers choose to stay in Batam Center due to the proximity to Batam Center Ferry Terminal and the grand Mega Mall right beside it.

Nearest 4-star hotels to Batam Center Terminal & Mega Mall are: Harris Batam Center and Harmoni One.

In terms of a quality 3-star hotel, book the Sahid Batam Center

Harbour Bay

Three main draws of Harbour Bay district are Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal, Harbour Bay Mall, and the many seafood / F&B outlets around the area. This district offers convenience, entertainment, shopping, and relaxation.

Nearest 4-star Batam hotels to Harbour Bay Mall and Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal: Swiss-Belhotel, Pacific Palace, and Travelodge.

Closest 3-star hotels are: Zest Harbour Bay and Harbour Bay Amir.


This is an up-and-coming industrial area in Batam. While Radisson and Eska are both within walking distance to Kepri Mall, Best Western is less than 5-minute drive from both Panbil Mall and Kepri Mall.

Hotels in this location: Radisson, Eska, and Best Western Premier Panbil.

All 4-star Hotels

These are all the 4-star hotels in our Batam Hotel Deals segment:

All 3-star Hotels

These are all the 3-star Batam Hotels that we are currently selling in our Batam Hotel Deals section:

Other accommodations & destinations

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