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- St. Francis of Assisi

There is no season of giving, simply because there is no time, no restrictions, no barriers when the heart chooses to give to another.

Everyday is a good day to present a surprise gift to someone. Everyday is a good day to thank that special person for their effort and presence. Everyday is a good day to be grateful for life and to give a little something in appreciation.

At BatamGetaway, we would like to encourage everyone to show a little appreciation to the people around you that matters the most.

This could be for Mommy and Daddy who have always been there for you everyday of your life or that dear brother or sister that you love so much despite how annoying they are.

This could be for that special someone that has changed your life.

This could be for that friend or acquaintance that could use that little perk in life to go that extra mile.

We hope that a BatamGetaway travel gift voucher could be that little gift that helps ❤️


With regards to corporate travel gift vouchers and bulk travel gift certificates for company events, please kindly contact our friendly customer service representative at [email protected].

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