Why is my booking in “Processing”?

You have just submitted your booking on our booking system. For you to collect your ferry tickets, you will require a voucher code. Your voucher code will be sent to you within the next 48 hours.

Do note that your booking may not be confirmed in the following events and our friendly consultants will get in touch with you;

If rooms / services are overbooked, a full refund will be processed within 72 hours.

Ferry tickets are based on promotional rate, if tickets are not available at your preferred timing a full refund will be processed within 72 hours.

4 thoughts on “Why is my booking in “Processing”?”

  1. Booking I’d- ZXGX-230418
    1. I have not received the email confirmation which claimed have send to my email. Can u help to check if my email address provided tally with your records.
    2. I have selected the city tour and massage package. May i know if I am still able to join this as my ferry departs at 10.50am from Singapore.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Bella, Thank you for your booking! We have resend the email confirmation to you. With regards to the ferry timing, our consultants will get in touch with you on that.

  2. Price for 50 pax, 2 day 1 night.
    Please contact me at to find out more details.

    We saw on your site, Eska at $53 per pax.
    We are keen, but may need more things.

    1. Hi Joey, thank you for your enquiry. We have sent you an email on your query. Thank you!

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